How is the air quality in your home?

We all know that there are pollutants outdoors. But have you thought about the air in your home?

We may fail to recognize that our homes may have poor air quality and can cause us to get sick. Indoor pollutants can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches and make you feel like you are coming down with a cold. Poor air quality can have long term effects on our health.

Follow these tips to make sure that the air in your home isn’t making you sick.

Use an exhaust fan that vents to the outdoors.

Exhaust fans need to vent to the outdoors. If an exhaust fan vents into an enclosed space like an attic this can lead to mold issues which can spread throughout the home and cause asthma, cold symptoms and breathing problems. After you bathe or shower, give your exhaust fan time to pull the moisture from the bathroom and to remove the water droplets completely from the exhaust fan vent duct.

Steam clean upholstery and carpets.

Fabrics, carpets and padding is a breeding ground for allergens. Professional cleaning uses hot water extraction to remove all the dust, dirt and allergenic particles like pet dander that bury deep in the carpet. Dirt can be abrasive and walking on dirty carpet can make the fibers wear out more quickly. Steam cleaning gives you healthier air and it can prolong the life of carpets.

Clean the air ducts in your home.

Air ducts are the lungs of your home. Whatever is in the air (pollen, dander, dust, etc.) collects on the sides of your ducts and is recirculated into your home every time you turn on the air conditioning or heat. If there is a persistent odor in your home or you start sneezing every time the heat comes on, air duct cleaning could be a must for your home.

Replace air filters in your furnace.

The recommendations of your heating and cooling unit should be followed for replacing filters. Some units use washable filters that can be reused and cleaned every couple months and others require replaceable filters. Removing airborne particles is a very easy yet extremely effective way to keep the air you breathe free of pollutants.

De-Clutter rooms.

Try to minimize stuffed animals and nick-nacks in bedrooms. Allergens and dust will build up in these cozy places and can cause coughing and asthma like symptoms.

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