All On Deck!

Spring is here and we find ourselves wanting to be outdoors. Get “all on deck” this month in planning a new deck for your home or making the most of your current deck.

After a long winter, we are ready to spend time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! In the spring and summer months (part of the fall season as well), a deck becomes another “room” at your home where you and your family may spend the majority of leisure time – dining, relaxing, hosting get-togethers, surfing the web, reading, etc.

Your home deck can be the place where so many memories are made. Here are some facts that will get you thinking about a new installation, upgrade and maintenance. What better time than early spring to get things started so that you and your family can get the most out of the time spent on your home deck this year!


  • A deck is a good investment — returning about 80% of its original cost according to Remodeling magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report.”
  • Adding a retractable awning to a deck is an affordable and hugely enjoyable investment! Keep the sun and wet weather at bay to extend the hours and comfort of your deck. An awning can reduce the temperature on your deck by about 20 degrees and it protects you from the sun’s UV Rays.


  • A composite deck with PVC railings is beautiful!
  • The original foundation may be used if found to be in good condition. Replacing the wood boards and railings with composite and PVC will transform your deck and the maintenance is easy peasy!
  • Composite boards eliminate the need for staining and sealing and they are cool to the touch. No more splinters on bare feet to worry about!


It’s a good idea to establish a routine of upkeep that will protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs. Check out this seasonal deck maintenance calendar:

Late Spring

  • Wash your deck with an appropriate cleanser. For wood decks, use a standard deck cleaner and follow its directions. For composite decks, use a cleaner specifically formulated for composite material. Some commercial degreaser and detergents are safe to use for grease and oil stains. For Vinyl (cellular PVC) decking, you’ll only need to use warm water and a mild soap to remove mold, mildew and dirt.
  • Apply fresh sealer to your wood deck at least every 2 years.


  • Inspect your deck for popped nails, cracks and rot. Individual boards can be replaced if the problem is isolated.
  • Trim back bushes and shrubs around your deck.

Are You Looking for a Retractable Deck Awning?

Designing Windows Plus can help you bring shade to your deck or patio and create a new outdoor living space with a custom awning. Consider retractable awnings that can be used with ease and made by the most respected manufacturers in the U.S. using Sunbrella fabrics.

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